About Us


IWT Online Media Group is a digital marketing agency based in Northern California and serves all areas of the U.S. We work with local and regional businesses to grow their customer base through effective online marketing campaigns.

Unlike other online marketing companies whose primary goal is to just get you ranked for certain phrases, often using one-size-fits-all cookie-cutter methods, our primary goal is to leverage multiple proven marketing systems to get dramatic growth in your business. The specific combination of marketing systems used depends on the your current needs and goals. Every proposal we make is custom fit for your business, your vertical, in your specific target market. It does you no good to boost online traffic if it's not leading to more sales, improving your brand image, and giving you a good return on your investment. Frankly, that's a waste of your time and money as well as ours.

We love partnering with you to help you succeed and we're not satisfied until we make that happen. Call it our competitive nature; it's something that's very, very important to us. Integrity is a big deal to us as well. We take pride in the work we do and feel fortunate each time we partner with a new business.

"Dean's marketing background spans 30 years, and he's been consulting and providing online marketing services for select clients for the past 14 years. His primary goal is to help companies leverage proven online marketing systems to get dramatic growth in their business. He has a proven campaign process that works."



  • avatar Carlton Purvis Venture Development Leader: Healthcare | Capital Funding

    "Dean delivers the results that businesses need from SEM. He is personable, quick to understand the marketing value potential of a company and extraordinarily diligent in making certain that each client gets outstanding results. He is particularly strong in targeted local area marketing for local/regional businesses."

  • avatar Luke Helm Director of Business Development, Futuresafe Financial Services

    "Dean's intelligent strategies and knowledge of online marketing have taken my web site from zero to first page rankings. But what I appreciate most about Dean is that he delivers on what he promises... make that over-delivers."

  • avatar Brock Brereton Founder, Talon Media

    "Dean is the consummate pro. I have worked with 4 different SEM firms and individuals. Dean, by far, has been the best. The charts of his results are a thing of beauty. He executes with a quiet confidence that is both refreshing and rare today. I highly recommend this gentleman!"

  • Terry Low CEO of Byte Technology

    "Dean is a highly professional search engine marketing expert. His knowledge and ability to execute are above most that I've experienced in the industry."

  • Jeff Peters Owner - Vantage Point Photography

    "Dean was able to create and continues to manage a comprehensive Google Adwords Campaign for my business - both locally and throughout North America. My ROI has been excellent and continues to out perform my expectations for web marketing."

  • Dave Winter CEO - IDRC

    "At first I was uncertain if the value would be there. But Dean quickly got our company consistently listed on page one of the search results on Google and others. I got more business from his work than what I did paying for online advertisements. And the cost was a fraction of what I spent on advertising. The value was incredible and I would highly recommend him."

  • Arnold Zoglauer Owner - JRWC

    "Dean created a series of PPC Google Adwords campaigns that promoted both arms of my business. He's been managing those campaigns now for the past 18 months. Over the past few months, even in this horrible economy, the work he's done has been so successful, I had to cut back on my PPC campaign because I was receiving TOO MANY leads - it was more business than I could handle! Dean is now working with me on SEO and I'm now currently ranked in the top-10 on Google for my main phrases."

  • Chase Relief Spine Center Case Study

    Chase Relief Spine Center approached us for help. At the time, they were spending more than $2,400 per month on print advertising and generating about 20 ad responses per month. Within weeks of working with us, they were spending less than 1/2 of that on Google PPC advertising and generating more than 180 new ad responses per month.